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5 months old!

Happy 5 month birthday baby girl!  You are so big these days and doing so many things: Laughing when we tickle you under the arms

You wrinkle your nose even more when you smile - it's the cutest thing ever!!

You're still not rolling over but you try really hard

Everything that you can get your hands on goes right into your mouth; you even try to cram the toys from your fun seat into your mouth as well but get really frustrated because you can't pull them off: img_0212

You reach out to us to pick you up when you're done with the swing; which these days is 5 minutes tops!  You actually start to smile as we come to get you.  You know that we have caved, and we can't help ourselves.

You are sitting with help and like to rest on your hands (the tripod pose - really need to get a photo of that one) - this is especially useful in the bath as you try to grab the little duckies swimming around you.  You also like to play with the requisite Mardi Gras cup (you are a NOLA baby after all) that we use to wash you.  You actually gum the cup and look like you're drinking from it and you seem to be ok with the fact that at times you get some bath water in your mouth at the same time.

You helped Mamie celebrate her 65th birthday.

You met your Grandpere (maman's father) this past week. He came all the way from France just to meet you!img_0235

And you saw your first museum exhibit.  You were so excited when I took you out of the stroller so that you could get a better look, you even cooed.  You were also quite taken by the French Impressionist paintings that you saw.  Grandpere said, "Bien sur!" We will definitely go again so that we can capture you on film.

Can't wait to see what you do next.  We love you to the moon and back again.


Grandpère de Pau

Lookin Up