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Travels in Europe!

It's been a busy, frantic, and exciting time in europe thus far. I'm typing this en route to Amsterdam via the high speed rail ( although it's really only high speed in France. ) You and mom are heading down to Bourdeaux with Gammy. Hopefully it's cooler there than it was in paris although I doubt that given you're heading south. You've had a blast thus in England meeting your cousins Islay and Flora. You've uttered what we can determine as your first words - "MAMA" which every utterance reduces your mom to a bowl of jello. I've been trying to convince you to go with "DADA" or "PAPA" but you don't seem into those. You seem to like humming and music - which I'm delighted to see. Train rides have been an absolute blast as you can't seem to get enough of the large windows and greenery flying by. Best day thus far has been our impromptu picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower. You're first experience with peaches and cherries were a smashing success. You didn't have a milk moustache . . . you had a cherry one! We skipped our way back to the metro stop and I hadn't heard you laugh as hard as that afternoon. Love you Neeko. img_3107 img_3108 img_3109

on the plane

Last day in Austin