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19.5 months, give or take

You're personality is coming out in full force. "Non, non" is spoken very often, and includes the head shake now. "Mine" is also common now, especially within the last few days. You are also more interested in using utensils, and you are getting so much better at using them. Temper tantrums are also common occurrences. They now include "quick feet" and/or full-body throw-downs on the floor. As entertaining as these tantrums are to to watch, they are a clear signs of your frustration. We will get through it, and your spoken vocabulary is growing everyday: up, down, dehors (outside), bain (bath; this one has been in the mix for a while) have been added to the repertoire. You've also let us put elastics in your hair. This tends to be short-lived, but I have high hopes that pretty soon, you'll let me put them in all the time. You also pick out your shoes and are very clear about letting us know if what we have picked out for you to wear works for you. We love watching you grow; you certainly keep us on our toes!! We love you more than words. Maman and Papa


Chocolate Cake