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21 months

Chloe,We can't believe how close we are to your 2nd birthday. The days flee and the moments we share with you are so precious. You are changing and growing everyday. Your appetite for new foods has increased. You've eaten artichokes and chocolate mousse, both within the last 48 hours. You repeat a lot of words that we say, adding more and more words to the repertoire. This also means that we really need to start watching what we say around you. You run rather than walk. This you get from mommy. You also have a tendency of falling for no reason and bumping into corners. This, unfortunately, you also get from mommy. Your love of drawing and music are definitely gifts from daddy. You are also becoming quite the little lady; smelling flowers everywhere you see them and wearing pearls. You love purses and shoes, just like mommy and thankfully daddy too (it's all about design). We are vacation bound the 2nd day of July. We are looking forward to the new experiences and memories that await us.

You are our hearts.

XOXO, Mama and Dada

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