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23 months...

The changes you have undergone in the last month are astounding. You now open the refrigerator door, grab food for yourself, close the door and walk back to us without blinking an eye. You let us know if you really don't like something by leaning your head to the side and walking away or by simply waving your hands wildly while saying "non, non." You pull us by the hand saying "up" when you want us to follow you. You're adding more words to your spoken vocabulary: bebe, airplane, backpack, elephant, alright, dude, "aww, man" (the last three are thanks to daddy), and pancake. You love taking baths, swimming, drawing, jumping, taking walks, running (sometimes you only seem to run), and flipping through books. You are picking out your own outfits and throwing fits when you don't like what we pick out for you, and music (all kinds of music). You love running around naked, jumping on mommy and daddy, bouncing on our bed and jumping in yours, putting on lip balm and making sure that daddy does too. You give us hugs and kisses, which we can't get enough of. You aren't afraid to say hello to new people, although you act shy anyway. Giggling and laughing are also a big part of the day. You "sing" songs and "read" words everywhere: signs, labels, and your books. Your 2nd birthday is around the corner and daddy is trying to get you to say "two" while holding up two fingers before then. We know you'll have it down.

We love you oodles and can't wait to see what's next.

Bisous, Maman & Daddy

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