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Back in January, we noticed that your left thumb wasn't getting full extension like the right thumb. After a doctor visit, an ER visit and some x-rays, we were told that there was nothing to worry about. Fast-forward a few months and another visit to the doctor and the pediatric surgeon, we scheduled your out-patient surgery for this past Tuesday. Come to find out, there was a band around the tendon near the base of you thumb preventing the tendon from allowing your thumb to fully extend. The surgeon told us that this is something that you were born with. Crazy that we never noticed it! You were actually the one who pointed it to me while we were playing. The day started very early; you were not happy to have to start so early. Once we got to the hospital, you were not happy at all. Slowly, you started to relax. When it was time to go to the operating room, you started crying. You cried for a bit but calmed once you realized that I was still with you. Once you were asleep from the anesthesia, I had to leave the operating room. In less then an hour, Daddies and I met you in the recovery room. You were so brave. As the day wore on, you definitely got a bit restless and lucky for us there was a playroom on the ward and of course a TV.

Name on the board.

Mark on the arm.

Hanging out in the room before your surgery.

Big bandage. And the IV needle still in the other.

Blowing bubbles after we get you back to your room from recovery.

Taking out the IV needle. Finally.

Nice bandaid!

And a couple of hours later we were heading home. Not bad for a Tuesday.

Afternoon art