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Adventures in parenting

Today was one of those days. After having settled down to read a book, while you played, I fell asleep. Little did I know that you weren't playing with your toys but playing in the bathroom. After about 15 minutes, I heard you come into the room and found you slathering, and I do mean slathering, your arms with a thick coat of lotion. You were wearing the grin. The mischievous grin. I walked over to you a bit surprised and startled. Then you led me to the bathroom to show me exactly what you had been up to. You had almost emptied my lotion tin, which you was now on your arms, the shower wall and on the floor. I also saw the 4 tubes of brand new, unopened toothpaste laying squished up on the floor. Looking in the toilet I noticed an enormous ball of toilet paper. I didn't see where you had emptied the toothpaste tubes, so when I asked, you told me you had emptied them in to the toilet. You got a bath with a double shampooing to get the lotion out of you hair. When I pulled off your t-shirt, the lotion from your arms ended up all in your hair. Once you were bathed, dried, and dressed, we headed back upstairs to clean up the bathroom. Thankfully, what seemed like a giant mess at first sight, was pretty easy to clean up. Even better that you pitched in to help. I have to say that I could've reacted a million different ways and the ones that I chose were probably not the best. I know that you were upset when you saw my reaction. I have to remember that part of your mischevousness comes simply from your intense curiosity in everything around. I do adore it, but sometimes I am simply overwhelmed by it. Thank you for making sure that there is never a dull moment when we are together. Hopefully, you can help this momma mellow as time moves on. XOXO

The adventures continue...