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We finally made it to the zoo for a play date yesterday; even if it was only 30 minutes before they closed. We saw the flamingos (who quack like ducks, who knew?) and got as far as the elephants. You were mesmerized by the enormous fountain, which happens to be of 2 or 3 elephants spraying water with their trunks. The real elephants only caught your attention for a brief moment. You definitely enjoyed running around and trying to get close to the water (there is no railing around the fountain). There was little interest in the real animals, so we decided to take you to the play area instead. You wanted to sit in this "bouncy" thing and within a few minutes of bouncy, you sat up, then back down, and then slid out of the front. You knocked your head on the "bar" a few times, but with a little help you succeeded.

Then you saw a peacock and took off running. It wasn't until I had caught up with you, that I saw what had peaked your interest. You had no fear.

We also met his friend.

14 months old

You are so curious.